Corridor 305CP
Stand alone terminal for security workers control
    RF CARD reader / writer 13.56 MHz
    AUTOMATIC STATUS card identifitacion new status entery
433 / 900 MHz duplex radio transmition between terminal and concetratror
    NETWORKING (up to 255 devices in
the system)
    REPETITOR PROTOCOL - RPP each one terminal in network can provide a repetitor function for other terminal or a group of terminals
    GRAPHIC DISPLAY animation form follow function, exceptionally intense image even in direst sunlight or shade
    INTERNAL MEMORY - standard up to
8500 readings
    AUTONOMUS CHARGING (Li-Ion battery,
8 work hours)
    2 PORTS for periphery devices control
    LIGHT indication keyboard
    ROBUST The units shell is uniquely designed to protect the electronic core safely from damage and dust
    WEATHER-RESISTANT waterproof design and material are suitable for full use in extreme heat and cold.